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Zazu and Onani in Flight by Quachir Zazu and Onani in Flight by Quachir
Back in January I asked for suggestions as to what I should draw my lilac breasted roller character, Onani, to be doing and said people could make a request to see him with mine, theirs, or canon characters. My friend AKA Cubsy was the first to make a request of seeing Zazu and Onani (who I had not named at the time) flying around together. I sketched it and posted the uncolored sketch months ago and then today got a huge urge to color the picture in and try making a bit of a background.

This is the result. Sadly I went back to no shadowing on the characters. Despite the no shading I really love this picture. It's one of the few canon based pictures I've drawn, colored, and posted. Hell I even took a stab at making a very rough Pride Rock in the background. There are ten layers used here if you count the watermarkings.

I decided to try and keep the nice look to make this a PNG in the end... however at TLKFAA I've uploaded it as a JPG because it's too large of a file as a PNG to be uploaded there.

Zazu and Pride Rock Disney
Image and Onani me
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AquaN Featured By Owner May 28, 2006  Student General Artist
You did great! I love the small Pride Rock in the back =) That shows that they can fly HIIIIGGGHHHH.
Yay for Zazu!
AquaN Featured By Owner May 29, 2006  Student General Artist
I see giraffes :D
Quachir Featured By Owner May 28, 2006
That and they're pretty far away from it too. If you take a close look at the watering hole bellow them you can see there are animals at it... which ones is much harder to determin :D
xscarredonex Featured By Owner May 27, 2006
yay you did it! lol. Looks great, I love the bg ^_^
Quachir Featured By Owner May 27, 2006
Yep and I sent it too your Trades on TLKFAA. I had so much fun trying to do this, first try at doing Zazu too. Thanks for suggesting the scene :glomp:
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May 27, 2006
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